Huwebes, Nobyembre 29, 2012

Firefox Extension: FireFTP

FireFTP, is an extension, which gives Firefox browser the capability to act as an interactive FTP manager like WSFTP, etc..

FireFTP opens in a Tab and has two panes representing the local and the remote machine. Drag and drop files from one side to the other to initiate file transfer. It supports PASSIVE mode of transfer too.

The interface supports managing multiple accounts and most of the features that any simple FTP program would have.  It has a status bar which displays commands and their output as they are being executed by the remote computer.

For those webmasters who are also tasked with SEO and PPC and all kinds of other tasks, this plugin is a real lifesaver!

Martes, Oktubre 30, 2012

The Extent of Supplier Risk

BMW 350i
BMW 350i (Photo credit: Daniel Photos)
With the economic challenges many companies are now focused on concerns that key suppliers will not deliver due to financial challenges. These challenges are extremely real, and the extent of these dependencies trickles throughout the supply chain. As an example, if you're an AS/RS system integrator, but rely on one or two high volume partners, your entire business can hit the wall if the economy grinds them to a halt in production. Or, to take it a step further, what if their suppliers, or suppliers' suppliers run into issues?Well what happens when a Volcano in Iceland erupts and shuts down your supply chain? That’s exactly what happened to BMW and many other companies impacted by the recent eruption.

Sitting at an airport when this all comes crashing down really brings this moment to light when you have a first hand look at the issues they are facing. It seems lots of focus around supplier risk is mostly quantitative, around quality or financial data. This is undoubtedly key to the set of metrics around assessing your supplier risk. However how much contingency planning are you doing around these types of unforeseen disruptions?

I am sure no company could have predicted a volcanic eruption but could BMW and others have planned for a prolonged delay in air cargo deliveries? The ability to discover alternative sources of supply in an emergency situation should be a component of your supplier risk program. We can all be hopeful that the ashes coming from Iceland will eventually subside. The key is to make sure when the big one hits your supply chain will not turn to ashes.

Huwebes, Setyembre 13, 2012

Betting on a New Horse

I have been amazed how many people are finding newfound success just by “switching”. No, I am not talking about people that move from PC’s to Macintosh. I am talking about people who are leaving their current niches and expanding or moving into other cash flows. They think their old horse is lacking luster, and the new one must be taking horse supplements (try buying them here) or something. Typically people are considering completely new cash flows for one of two reasons.

One, they never got to the level of success they hopped for with their current niche. Often this is due to picking a cash flow that is too small or one that does not fit their personality.

Two, it is just time for a change. I will be the first one to admit that some things we like to stay the same and some things we need change. I find work to be one of the latter. We need to be challenged, excel, and feel accomplishment. Certainly this is not done at the risk of missing a needed paycheck, but sometimes we need change.

I noticed not long after the Cash Flow Convention in Dallas this year people walked away with new ideas and the courage to embrace some newer cash flows. One such area is the relatively new pre-settlement lawsuit financing industry, which seems to be paying off big for many consultants. You may want to consider learning something new this summer. You may find something else to add to your income capabilities – or even a whole new focus. In either case, it will be fun.

Biyernes, Mayo 11, 2012

Podcasts Galore

We know quite a bit about music, and one great way to share it is through podcasts. Although podcasts may be on the down-swing, we want to share great music and other media with you any way we can. Stay tuned for a few of our favorite music postings. Hope you enjoy, and if you know of something you would like to see featured just let us know. Thanks for visiting!